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"Lathea Morris was the only lender who stayed in touch with us during our LONG search for the right property. We were able to come to the bargaining table with financing ready to make a deal!" Brian, Investor

"Some exciting news - a dealership ran my credit and they came back with a score of 655! That's an improvement of over 60 points since I began working with you - I can't thank you enough for your guidance!" Dan, Entrepreneur

“Congratulations on an informative and entertaining program. The entrepreneurs learned so much about the way to manage credit and money.” PNC Bank

What Our Clients are Saying ...

“Lathea Morris was very hands on with us. As a first time borrower, we needed all the help we could get. She was there to help us out the entire way. We appreciate all of the help we received and will refer others to Lathea.” Karen, COO