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We’ve added a new financing program to our business financing options.

Merchant Cash Advance Financing with a Twist · What’s the twist? A Line of Credit (LOC)

Cash Advance with a Twist for
Restaurants - Grocers - Salons - Retail Businesses 
and More

The LOC allows merchants who have been approved for a cash advance to take their loan out in increments - When You Need the Money - rather than taking your full approval amount up front, if you qualify for more than you need.

1. Loan amounts: $15K - $750K per location

2. One year in business.

3. Terms: 12, 14, 16, and 18 month terms are available.

4. Brick and mortar retail - funding capability up to 13.75% of total annual sales volume.

5. Minimum credit score of 551 - but the higher the credit score the better your rate.*

6. Weekly ACH repayment – the lender doesn’t interrupt, interfere or delay the merchant’s credit card processing in any way (no credit card processor switch required and no lockboxes).

7. No financials or tax returns needed unless funding request is above $300,000 ($150,000 for retail).

8. LOC: Access to 5 separate loan drafts over a 4 month period

To get started, all I need are:

Completed and signed application: Application
3 months’ banks statements (all pages; no online statements)
1 month’s credit card statements

After I receive all of the above, I’ll let you know how much you can qualify for and at what terms.

*Additional parameters:

1. No open bankruptcies. Bankruptcies must be dismissed/ discharged for at least 1 year.

2. Tax liens must be less than 20% of average monthly sales or have a payment plan with at least 3 payments made.

3. Must be current on mortgage and business rent (may be up to one month late if high credit merchant).

4. Existing advances do not disqualify the merchant, but the advance must be paid off out of loan proceeds (except with an advance from Rewards Network).

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