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640 FICO Financing for Real Estate Investors and Business Owners

Financing For Business Owners & Investors with a FICO Score of 640+: Unsecured Term Loan

Term Loan - Up to $50K - Rates are 11% - 16%
Term: 1 - 2 Years
No cost to the borrower until they have access to their funds.
There is a one-time fee that can be paid out of the proceeds of the loan amount.
Credit Score: 640+
Doesn’t hurt credit to learn options.

Who is using this program? Business owners who can’t qualify for a business term loan; and Investors: who need down payment and rehab money; and, who require a smaller amount of cash to purchase properties.

Next Step: Send us your recent (within 30 days) 3 credit reports and scores or login information from scoresense.com  and monthly income.

We will let you know how much you will probably qualify for.

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