Stated-Income Business Line of Credit

Business Line of Credit Financing: Pre-Qualify Now
We offer a solution for borrowers seeking financing without the
hassle and uncertainty of traditional lending - it’s a Stated-Income Business Line of Credit. This program offers a hassle-free experience for both real estate investors and business owners who need access to credit  without having to worry about the time, costs, and documentation requirements.

There is no income verification, no financial documentation, and is 100% unsecured which means there is no collateral requirement. Also, since this credit line does not report to your personal credit report it will not affect future financing transactions. Whether you’re a business owner seeking working capital or an investor who wants to fix and flip, or fix and hold, this program allows you to have an open credit line to make repairs or improvements for small current and future projects.

The Stated-Income Business Line of Credit bypasses practically all major obstacles and lets you stay on track to accomplish your goals

Lending Overview

Credit Lines: $20,000 - $150,000
Interest: Some lenders offer 0% interest for first 6 - 12 months
After introductory period ends, rates start at 8.99%
Credit Requirements:
If you have a 700+ FICO, no co-signer is required. If your credit score is between 400 - 699 FICO, a co-signer will be required and must have a 700+ FICO. The co-signer does not need to be affiliated with the business.

No Upfront Fees
One time fee after approved for LOC
No income verification
No financial documentation required
No collateral required, this is an unsecured program
All industries are eligible
Credit lines WILL NOT report to your personal credit report
Business must be active for a minimum of 1 day
Must have a legal US entity (LLC, Corporation, etc.)

Apply Now

(FYI: You will pull your personal credit report. The pre-qualification form provides instructions about pulling your Tri-Merge credit report and saving it in pdf format. The cost is only $1.00 for 7 days. This represents a trial period. After you pull your Tri-Merge credit report, cancel the trial if you no longer want the service.)

Learn about our unsecured personal line of credit term loan.

Product Benefits
Introductory rates with 0% interest

Can get you 3 - 5 times more!

Capital in as little as 2 weeks

Great for real estate investors
Access cash from cards

Builds true business credit

Great for established businesses who can't qualify for business financing & start-ups
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