Minimum Qualifications & Eligibility

Loan sizes range from $3,500 to $250,000
Time in Business: 90 days (3+Months)
FICO: Any Valid FICO Score
Bankruptcy Discharged Only; No Open BK or Dismissed
Ownership %: Minimum 25%

Same Day Funding For Your Business - Short & Long Term Loans

The below premier loan program is for business owners who have been open for 90 days+ with a 700+ FICO Score, consistently generating $8K in revenue monthly plus a homeowner. Programs are also available for owners who don’t meet this criteria. Six different tiers of score programs are available from excellent to very poor credit.
Documents required include:
The Process:
We’ll need to briefly speak directly to the business owner to get information and advise documents that are required. After the business owner submits their documents the lender will call them to take a brief application over the phone and give them a pre-approval and loan terms. After documents are submitted to underwriting for final approval, e-docs are submitted to the business owner for their signature. If e-docs are submitted back to the lender before 5:00pm EST, funds can be wired to their bank account the same day.
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