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We are experiencing unprecedented health, social and market disruptions and all of us are directly impacted by its frequent changes and uncertainty. What started and continues to be a global health crisis has quickly added a financial crisis to its challenges. We note the following observations in the current market:

1. The capital and financial markets are not functioning properly and are highly volatile. In fact, a sudden lack of liquidity for some mortgages markets, mid last week has prompted lenders to halt originations and reduce product offerings. This means you will see lending guidelines change often (even daily). These changes include raising minimum credit scores, lowering LTC/LTV and increasing rates immediately, among others.

2. Lenders are seeing practical difficulties scheduling appraisers, inspectors and in-person notaries, mostly due to limited resources and safety concerns.

3. Currently, many county courthouses across the country are closed or on limited staffing. With e-closings and electronic records not universally available, this lack of access will prevent lenders from obtaining clear title policies in many geographic regions.

4. Small business lending has just about come to a halt, except SBA Covid 19 loans which are offered nationwide.

We will provide periodic updates and comments.

Together, we will get through this current difficult time and look forward to brighter times ahead.

Thank You and Stay Safe & Healthy!

Lathea Morris, Principal of M&L.com

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