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*We offer a variety of financing options to assist you with your investing strategy. The above represents general terms.

Real Estate Investor and Small Business Financing

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Complete our refinance loan scenario for rate and term and cash-out solutions.

Roll closing and origination costs into the loan amount under most of our programs.

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Fix and Flip Financing

No minimum loan amount

Rates start at 8%

Up to 90% Purchase and Rehab - 100% Rehab

9 - 24 Months Term

Credit Score 600+

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         *Purchase to Rent

For those investors who can't qualify for traditional financing and don't want to pay hard money rates and fees.

Rates start at 7.990%
Loans $50K+
Up to 75% LTV
No Points
Credit Score 600+ - 650+

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Programs include:

Multi-Family 5+ Units

Renovation financing includes lender no point option.

Purchase no points option:
Minimum loan amount $100K
Rates start at 8.49%
FICO Score 650+

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We Have One Goal - To Help Real Estate Investor & Small Business Entrepreneurs Grow Their Businesses!