Transactional Funding
1. The Investor (You)  - Obtains a contract to purchase the property from the Seller
2. The Investor (You) - Obtains a contract to Sell the Property to the End-Buyer
3. The Investor (You) - Opens the file with your chosen Closing Company (must use same closing company for both sides of the transaction).
4. The Investor (You) - Submit the Transaction Form and both Contracts to the lender for funding.
5. Lender works directly with the Closing Company to arrange the funding of A Side.
6. The Closing Company - facilitates the closings of both the A Side and B Side transactions the same day.
7. When both transactions are closed and disbursement has been approved, the Closing Company will distribute the lender funds to the original Seller, and distribute the end-buyers funds to payoff lender and pay the remaining Profits to you, the Investor.
Available for both residential and commercial properties, Transactional Funding is the perfect solution for Short Sales, Wholesalers, and Flippers to simplify the closing process, eliminate the headaches and drive more profits.
Program Highlights:

Simple Loan Submission Process
Credit Not Fico based, but reviewed
NO Appraisal needed
Funding in 3 - 5 business days after submission

Pricing Structure:

$1500.00 Flat Fee up to $100,000
1.5% of Loan Amount over $100,000 - $500,000
2% of Loan Amount over $500,000
$250 - $500 Processing Fee


Arms Length transactions ONLY
Max Loan $1,000,000
Available throughout the continental United States, except New York and Georgia.
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